Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diande Tunissar Azano

Diande Tunissar Azano (Deo)
"Success is not determined by how proud you are, but how proud your loved ones are."

Diande, or commonly known as Deo, is of Indonesian descent and has also confirmed Dayak Sarawakian ancestry. Never away for a long time from Jakarta, he desired to pursue his music career in Malaysia by getting a Diploma in Music Business in one of music college in Malaysia, late last year. All the networking and experience he has done within 3 years in Malaysia has gotten him into an emerging local pop band called TILU as a band member.

It was more than 10 years ago when he got his first experience performing in public. His passion in art, especially music, always became stronger ever since that time. Not only from himself, Deo had his parents as the first to inspire him and both of them have strong musical background which supports him in his music career and his life too.

His lifelong goal is to travel around the world -or to make it sounds cooler, to world tour. He just wants to be able to entertain people in music and to get "the message" in music he wrote delivered and accepted by any kind of people all around the world. Simply because he also believes that art is the best cure of all diseases, apart from love.

By studying mass communication at HELP University, he believes that it will very much help him in his career. This study will help him more in communication and media wise, which plays very important role in the show biz. Everything he is doing right now is not only for his future, but also for his family and closest people because he only wants one thing in the world: To make them proud of him.

Joshua Benedict

Joshua Benedict
Bachelor of Psych
"Being who I am is what I do best"☺

Commonly known by many for his versatile Malaysian looks, Joshua Benedict is born in a mixed parentage of Chinese and Indian, he said to be a typical Malaysian because he is a Chinese speaking, Malay looking, Indian.

Since young, Josh has been interested in arts, sports and anything which challenges him. He is a Sportsman, Dancer, Artist, Actor and a Perfectionist. He loves to help others in need, no matter who you are, even if you are his enemy, if you were to turn to him for help, he will definitely give you a helping hand. He also loves designing and drawing, he has a sharp eye when it comes to taste and design.

His lifelong goal is to travel all around the world and meet people, cultures and foods of many diversified nations, with all the experience and gained he knows that he would see everything in a different way. His ambition is to be a successful business man; he would like his venture to include events, textiles, food, and a one stop wedding galore. Besides that, with his current major in Psychology, he would also want to use this niche advantage by giving help to those who are in need of help emotionally and metally.

He believes, there is no happiness if you unable to find the inner peace in your true self, fulfillment of your dreams helps you build the inner peace. Knowing one day he is able to achieve great heights, he is planning to start of a foundation, whereby he is able to fund the less fortunate student to become successful. By setting the bars high for himself, he strives to make his dreams possible. As he quotes, “Never fail to dream, as dreaming is the first step to strive for what you want to achieve”.

Jasreen Kaur

Jasreen Kaur
"Honesty is the best policy and there is only one god."

Current location: Klang
Ambition: To become a psychologist and own dog shelters.
Dream: To own a few dog shelters and provide sufficient care to abused dogs. After years of seeing dogs being abused, the realization that something can be done for their well-being kicked in and if there is will then there is a way.

Jasreen was only 10 years old when she saw a dog being abused on the road by a few bullies. At that time, the right thing to do was to run away although the emotions she had for the dog was really strong. While growing up, she developed a special liking for dogs and knowing them better seemed to become an interest. Ever since then, she has always been interested in dogs regardless of the breed.

It is her hope to someday own a shelter for dogs and not a breeding mill that is ran for profit. She would love to open up a few shelters for stray dogs and abused dogs will be the priority of the shelter. In order for her to fulfill her dream, she would need a lot of financial support hence the full time job as a psychologist as it’s her passion to know the human mind and the tricks it plays and in this way she directly provides herself financial security.

Abusing animals have been taken very lightly especially with the main focus on global warming. People tend to forget that there is more to worry about in the present than the future itself.

Sujatha Krishnan

Sujatha Krishnan


"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

Current Location: Klang

Ambition: To become a psychologist and open a home for abandoned children with special needs in Malaysia.

Dream: To open a few home for abandoned children and provide them a family-style home with sufficient medical treatment.

Sujatha Krishnan was 13 years when she visited orphanage for the first time. During the three hours with them, she has a sense of guilt building inside her, whenever there is a kid calling out her name. It takes quite a time for the kids to call her because most of them have difficulties in speaking. Going through the background of each one of the kids there was devastating for her since some of them were left alone in bus stations, and the others were left by their parents under false name.

This three-hour visit to on orphanage home has changed Sujatha Krishnan a lot on how she view the world from her point of view. She became some one who doesn’t take anything for granted and set a goal to achieve in her life. In order for her to fulfill her dreams to open a home for the abandoned, she have to stand on her own to support the others, so as for now she is studying Bachelor of Psychology and soon she will graduate from course. Once she is done with her studies she will get a job to be strong from the financial aspect and Sujatha will open a home once everything is fine.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Elyna Vishny Pereira

Elyna Vishny Pereira
"Dream more than others think it’s practical, expect more than others think it’s possible"

Current location: Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Ambition: To become a psychologist and to start up my own counseling centre

Dream: To open up a counseling centre and provide a comfortable environment for people. The many problems that an individual face today had made me comprehend on how to solve these issues and make every individuals life worthwhile.

Elyna was around 18 when she actually started college. Since then, she started noticing all the simple and complicated problems that a teenager had in their own personal life. At that particular time, it was not right to get involved in an individual’s problems and the only thing that she had to do was just hope for the best.

After getting to know the every inch of problem that an individual faces, Elyna decided that she wanted to help them understand everything in life in a wider perspective and she wanted teenagers to be more open in a context, so that simple things can be solved easily. Elyna would love to pursue her dream in becoming a psychologist and opening up simple and comfortable counseling centers for individuals facing problems and are ready to talk to someone about it. She wants to try a different approach in bringing teenagers together and freely opening up in social context.

People nowadays tend to ignore the needs of a teen, this counseling centre is set in a way to achieve the dream and a different life of an individual.